that green logo

raspberry cheesecake

mixed berry cheesecake and hot caramel macchiato


mushroom and spinach quiche


quiche on a close-up view

dark mocha frappe

dark mocha frappuccino

espresso vs mocha

espresso frappe vs dark mocha frappe


going thai

working on a saturday has never been that easy, but as always, we treat ourselves with a good meal for late lunch or early dinner as it would almost always fall at about three in the afternoon. last week, we went to thai express as i was craving for some thai food to eat.utensils

while waiting for our order

chicken noodles

i actually forgot the name of my order but it has chicken, vege, noodles in thick sauce with tons of chili! (definitely not pad thai :D)

green mango salad

the staple green mango salad (with chilies again :D)


the glutinous rice dessert to kill the too much spice of my food


watermelon and lime shake for a quick too spice break πŸ˜€

home cooked meal

undeniably my first time to cook calderetang baka (beef stew) following a mish and mash of recipes from the net. i’ve decided to take what might work and add a little bit of my own stuff too…boiling

i’ve marinated the beef overnight (and a whole day!) in sprite and a little bit of soy sauce before i saute it in garlic and onion. then have it simmered with the marinade and then added the stir fried vege. what made it a bit different was that i tried it without the tomato sauce and i used liver pate and added emmental, cheddar and swiss cheese after…


the result was sweet and spicy ( i added Β some dried chili) with creaminess of the cheese! yum! πŸ˜€

nasi padang

nasi padang

nasi (steamed rice), beef rendang and sambal goreng

perfect lunch when you’re really hungry! πŸ˜€

skinny pizza

what we had for dinner Monday:

english breakfast skinny pizza; deliciously fresh! xx

squid ink paella; been craving for paella and had seafood at the same time. this is a winner πŸ˜€

banana cake

warm banana salted caramel cake (with popcorn and coffee soil); i actually don’t get the whole craze for anything salted caramel but this one tastes really good. but still not that much of a fan of the salted caramel, although it’s an interesting mix in the palate. xx

overall, a yummy dinner that we ended up quite full. i’ve tried skinny pizza before and one whole pizza is just enough for one person. the crust is really skinny, or crunchy for the matter, which makes the whole experience of eating it’s topping a delight. definitely coming back next time for more. πŸ˜€

going japanese

crispy salmon sushi topped with chicken floss

grilled mussel with cheese

sashimi platter πŸ˜€

and i had them all for myself! yum! πŸ˜€

seafood hor fun

one of my favourite lunch food

loving all the seafood (shrimp, squid and fish fillet) and the slightly burnt taste of the hor fun and gravy πŸ™‚